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Privacy Policy

With Torrent MX, your right to privacy is our number one priority. The following policy outlines exactly what type of information we collect when you use our service, and provides an overview as to how we utilize and protect that information. Throughout this policy statement, we will refer to Torrent MX as "our service". By using our service, you agree that we can collect, use, and disclose your information according to the following policy. If you're using another site, service, or product in conjunction with our service, please understand that the following policy only pertains to Torrent MX – not any other service, product, or software related to it. To make sure that you're fully aware of how your information is handled, please refer to the Privacy Policy for those websites as well. We will always notify you of changes to this policy by updating the date at the top of the privacy policy page, or by emailing you when more substantial changes occur. To make sure that you're always in agreement with this policy, please check back here from time to time to see if we've made any changes that you aren't comfortable with. While we try to be diligent about providing warnings and sending emails should anything that would directly affect the average user of our service be altered, every individual is held accountable for staying up to date with our policies.

Information we collect upon registration :

All users are required to create an account to be able to use our service. Usernames, email addresses, and passwords are collected upon creating an account and stored in an encrypted database. Every time you log in to our service, we collect some very basic analytics, such as what time you logged in. We sometimes store IP addresses (on failed login, or abuse of service) for security purposes, since due to the nature of our service, we do our best to prevent abuse and keep the quality of our service up to the best standards. Currently we do not use any third-party analytics providers such as Google Analytics, and so on.

Information we collect on financial transactions :

When using our service, users are able to purchase subscriptions; subsequently submitting payment information. The information stored on our database is stored for both security purposes (financial record information has to match account information, etc..), and for auditing purposes. It is still worth noting that even if this information is not stored on our services, it is still accessible to our service through the payment provider portals (such as PayPal, the blockchain, etc..). Users are to refer to each payment provider's terms of service and privacy policies to view what information is shared through their gateways.

Information we collect on form submission :

When using our service, users are able to upload files or submit links. By default, our service stores the metadata for these files. This is done to provide ease of access and history features for our users. Any users not comfortable with this metadata being stored are welcome to change their history settings in our options. Users that opt-out of our history storage will not have any information concerning uploaded files stored on our servers after the service is done processing their files.

Information through file-hosting services :

For the third-party file-hosting products we use through our service, we use the minimum required permissions needed for our service to function properly. These permissions may differ through each host, but you will be asked for permission of all the required scopes for each file-host.

Google Drive : Our application uses two permissions from the google drive OAuth scope. The permission to view and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app, which is necessary for our service to upload your files to your drive. And the permission to view and manage its own configuration data in your Google Drive, which is necessary for our service to keep track of its files progress, metadata, and temporary storage during the upload. Users can view all the available Google Drive scopes through this link, and verify that we do not have access to any other drive files outside of this scope.

Our available file-host list is subject to change. In the case of an addition or removal of a file-host, users are encouraged to check this page for the updated policies concerning every third-party service we use.

Information we don't collect :

When you log in to use our service, we do not collect any other personal information outside of what is outlined in this policy. The only time we would have any records of other personal information is if you provide written feedback with your name, or contact us on social media sites or via email.

Why we need this information :

Essentially, any information we collect is used for security purposes and to prevent abuse of our service. We also make sure to let our users know every time any information about their interaction with our service is stored. In no circumstance will we ever store information outside the scope specified in this document.

How we handle your information :

We will never, in under any circumstances, disclose your information to any 3rd party. Our service does not share or permanently host any material on its servers. Torrent MX is a purely automated service, and because every file is a private transaction between our service and our users, we do not monitor every file our users will upload. If a user is concerned about their privacy, they can at any time choose to disable their "History" on our platform, effectively making it impossible, even for us, to retrieve any logs of their uploaded torrents. All users are also free to contact us to request deletion, or knowledge of any information stored about their account.

How we store your information :

We are diligent about keeping your information secure. We will always, without fail, take every reasonable administrative, physical, and electronic measure to protect your personal information, both identifiable and non-identifiable, from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. However, we are not infallible, and no information on the Internet is ever completely secure. You acknowledge that, by using our service, your information may be stored or maintained on a system outside of your country of residence. By using our service, you agree to have your information stored and used according to our service country's laws.

Inquiries and reports :

Want to take control over your information, file a claim, or report abusive behavior? Contact us at [email protected].