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Torrent Mx


Torrent Mx is a service that downloads your torrent files on the cloud, and sends them to your own drive. If you are unable to download torrents files directly, you can use this service to do it for you.
There are a few differences that make us more competitive than a VPN :
  • No setup involved : As opposed to VPNs, this service is purely web-based. If you wanted to download torrents and protect your privacy, you need both a VPN and a torrent client on your computer. While you can use Torrent Mxchine even from your phone!
  • No user tracking : Because you can only use our website when you need to, we do not track or keep logs of your internet usage, because we can't! The only information we store in our servers is minimal, you can read more about it in our Terms of Service.
  • Use both! : If you're extremely concerned about your privacy, you can always use a VPN and our service together. Our HTTPS ensures your data is transferred securely to avoid any third-party tracking.
Yes! Torrent Mx runs basic security checks on your torrents to protect our servers, but because the service is automated we cannot filter or monitor any torrents that go through it. You can learn more about this in our TOS section.
Free accounts can unfortunately only download a limited amount of torrents. As for our paid plans, there are multiple options. You can check the plans section for the one that suits your needs the most!
Currently we are accepting both bitcoin, and Paypal (including credit cards). We might add more payment methods in the future, you can always e-mail us for suggestions.
We just recently added a status display! If there are any issues, you can check if the service is down in our  status page.
You can always contact us at  [email protected]  with all your questions or issues. We try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.